Worlingworth Cricket Club Under 15 Girls (Not active) squad

Under 15 Girls (Not active) in 2024

Super 8’s


Format: Standard

Recommended players per team: 8

Game Length: 90 minutes

Recommended pitch length: 21 yards

Ball type: 4 ¾ oz ball

Typical player profile: Would typically suit the development age group U13 or U14. Greater cricket experience and skill set to cope with hard ball cricket. Not recommended for U13+ County (Boys) or U15+ County (Girls) players or above.

Game aims: To promote a good level opportunity for all players to bat, bowl and field. Challenges players all round development stage. Maintain a love for playing. Encourage learning in a positive player centred environment that offers competition.


Game details:


o Each innings MUST last 18 overs (coaches can agree any variants on the length of innings, but must be the same) regardless of number of wickets lost.

o Batters retire at 25 runs scored or 20 balls faced (including wides and no balls)

o If batter is out in their first 3 balls they are allowed another life.

o Batter is out on dismissal (unless in first 3 balls) but can return once all wickets have been lost.

o Bowling team awarded +3 runs for every dismissal.

o Maiden +3 runs to the fielding team

o Batters MUST return in the order that they left the field whether out or retired.

o Every player bowls a minimum of 1 over with no player bowling more than 3 overs per innings.

o Designated wicket-keeper does not bowl.

o Wides and No Balls worth 2 from over 1-17. Re-bowled in the final over.


Additional notes:


o All overs bowled from one end.

o Fielders to be rotated regularly (3 overs)

o Consider providing shorter boundaries straight

o Clubs geographically group
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