Worlingworth Cricket Club Under 13 Girls (not active) squad

Under 13 Girls (not active) in 2024

Pairs Cricket


Format: Pairs (4 overs per pair)

Recommended players per team: 8

Game Length: No more than 60 minutes

Recommended pitch length: 17 yards

Ball type: Incrediball

Typical player profile: Players new to the game with little or no experience. Lack the skills/confidence to play hardball cricket.

Game aims: To provide an equal opportunity for all players to bat, bowl and field. Maintain a love for playing. Encourage learning in a positive player centred environment that offers competition.


Additional notes:


o Consider multi-game / festival options rather than 1 fixture / 1 date.

o Dismissals is +5 to the bowling team not -5 from the batting team

o No LBW Dismissals

o No County Age Group Players

o Clubs geographically group

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