Worlingworth Cricket Club - Juniors Frequently Asked Questions

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Worlingworth Cricket Club - Junior Section

Frequently Asked Questions:

Registration & Costs

How do I register my player?

On your first visit to the club you will be able to complete the form and register there. Alternatively, the form is on the news page or it can be sent to you by email. Upon completion, it is best to hand in at the first session you attend.

How much does it cost for the season & How do I pay?

From 2021 season, there will be a flat rate charge for training and match fees of £70. Breaking News - Reduced by 50%.

You can pay by cash, cheque or BACs

Are there any match fees on top of the season’s fee & How do I pay?

From 2021 season, there will be no match fees as the cost is included in the overall fee.

What happens if my player decides to give up – do I get any refund from the fees?

There is a try before you buy for 1 session, but from the second session onward the fee is non-refundable.

Player Safety

What if my player has a medical condition (e.g: asthma)?

The important element is making sure coaching staff know about the condition and that the player has access to any medication for the session.


Please note that unless in emergency, no medications will be administered by the Club – the player must self-help – acknowledging that the coaches and duty first aid staff will guide/help/support as needs. If in doubt, please chat with the Club Welfare Rep.

What happens if my player is injured during training or a match?

There is always a minimum of one ECB First Aider on site for training and games; most coaches are similarly trained.


Minor injury/issue: The coaches will deal at the point of incident; the First Aider will then be called in to help assess and provide any treatment that can be done. Examples of this sort of injury include: bumps and scrapes; nosebleeds; sickness; twists and sprains. The player will either resume training or sit out the remainder of the session with appropriate monitoring. The parent/guardian will not necessarily be notified until collection time, unless it is felt necessary.


Major injury/issue: As per a minor injury in the first instance. Professional help - via 999 - will be sought as a priority and the First Aider will follow their advice until the ambulance arrives, or the situation is deemed safe. As soon as practicable, the parent/guardian will be notified using the details on the sign in sheet.


Can one of my friends/other parent etc drop off or pick up my player?

Yes. This individual must sign in / sign out the player(s) as per normal.


NOTE: If one person signs a player in and different person is collecting, the coaches must know at the time of signing in, otherwise the player will not be released.

What happens if I am running late?

The player will not be released and will stay under the coach’s supervision until you arrive. Clearly a call to the coach/friend to let the club know would be great.

Do I need to personally sign my player in and out for training and matches?

Yes. This is very important.


No player will train/play unless signed in and no player will be released unless signed out.

What happens if my player gets upset during training/match?

It is quite normal for younger players to feel a little anxious or upset during sports sessions. Coaches pay close attention to the players and, as a general rule, simple parent-type interventions (quick rest/reassurance etc) tends to get the player back on course quickly. If the player is unable to continue and the parent/guardian is not there, the player will be able to wait safely under supervision, until pick up time. Dependent upon circumstance, the parent/guardian will be notified.

My player is female, are there any female coaches/club staff available at training/matches?

The Club will endeavour to have a female Club member ‘on duty’ to assist.

Are the Coaches DBS checked?

Yes. All coaches complete their DBS clearance in accordance with ECB Safeguarding Policy.

Does my player need to have eaten before training and matches?

Yes. No need for full meal per se, but it is important that the player has had something to eat and drink, ideally no less than one hour before training.


When are the matches?

Juniors tend to play weekday evenings, but some weekend matches too. Check the website for fixtures, or contact your manager

When are the bigger tournaments?

Juniors host a tournament every summer, details on website

How do I know if my player has been picked for a match?

Your manager will contact you to see if your child can play, please respond in a timely manner to any requests; if not, it could result in your child not being picked.

When do the teams train?

Details on the Junior page of the website

Do you train/play in bad weather?

This is a manager decision, which will be made as far in advance as possible. Your manager will contact you and/or put a notice on the website


Kit & Equipment

What does my player have to wear for training and matches?

Cricket whites are required for matches and are generally the best for training as well; however, standard sports kit is fine whatever the colour.


Please send your player with a couple of layers so they can manage their comfort dependent upon the weather. They do need a hat.

What about sunscreen?

When sunny, it is best for players to have sunscreen on an hour before they arrive; it is useful to put a small tube in their kit bag so they always have some available.

Does my player have to bring any specific kit or equipment?

Players using a hardball do need cricket underwear and a box.

The club has kit for each age group inc. helmets so novices need not buy lots of gear up front. Otherwise, the amount of kit they need is dependent upon their experience and choice. They may have a full set of kit, or nothing.


Does my player have to have a cricket helmet?

All U18’s must wear a helmet for hard ball training and games. The club has helmets, but as the player gains experience, they may want their own.


Is my personal data and that of my player safely stored?

Yes. Data Protection (GDPR) is applied.

What do the coaches do if a player is being disruptive during a session?

It is not uncommon for a younger player to be distracted during a session, despite best effort from the Coaches. General parenting rules apply (some encouragement, focus, effort to get back into the training etc) but if that fails and the player is distracting the coach or degrading the session, then the player will be asked to sit out to one side for a few minutes until they are ready to return.

Can I help the Club in any way?

Yes - there are always lots of ways to contribute! The Club needs people to help with all manner of tasks from running the kitchen on a Saturday to Car Parking on tournament days.


The Team Managers & Coaches will always be looking for help and will keep you up to date with options from the sign in desk.

Do I have to stay at the Club during sessions/matches?

No, but if you can afford some time to stay and help out or support, it is most welcome.

Is there a website for the Club?

Yes. We are in the process of updating the information, so it is not perfect, but it does provide some basics and help signpost to our resources.

Is there somewhere for me to watch/wait/work etc during the training sessions?

Yes. The Clubhouse is warm and dry…with a kitchen for brews and a stocked bar!

There is plenty of outside space to relax and watch the players.

Is there parking at the Club?


I need to bring my non-playing children and maybe my dog to the club while I watch and wait – is that okay?

Yes. We welcome families and friends to the Club; dogs are similarly welcome but must stay on a lead. A full policy on dogs at the club is available on the website.

How do I get hold of the coaches?

The Team Mangers is the primary point of contact and their details will be provided upon registration.

What age do the players move onto hard ball cricket?

U11’s will play hardball

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not covered here?

Contact the Club Chairman under contacts on main page.