Worlingworth Cricket Club Under 15 squad

Under 15 in 2024
T20 Blast
Format: Standard
Recommended players per team: 11
Game Length: No more than 2.5 hours
Recommended pitch length: no more than 22 yards
Ball type: Adult ball - Pink
Suitable for: Players who are beyond the developing stage and are ready to be challenged further in an environment that has similarities with later playing opportunities (U19 T20). Would typically suit a County Age Group and developed club standard player.
Game aims: To promote a good level challenge for players all round development stage. Maintain a love for playing. Encourage learning in a positive player centred environment that offers competition.
Game details:
o 20 overs per innings
o Batsman retire at 50 and cannot return
o Innings is over at the fall of 10 wickets.
o No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs
o Designated wicket-keeper does not bowl.
o Wides and No Balls worth 2 from over 1-19. Re-bowled in the final over.
Additional notes:
o Format mirrors the U19T20 Blast which has been a success in last 2 years in the County. Coloured clothing, music and hospitality is encouraged to maximise the experience that the players get from playing cricket.
o Clubs grouped on playing level.
Under 15
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