Worlingworth Cricket Club News story

Clarification on ECB guidance for Changing Room Use

27 Jul 2020

From Rob Jones,

I just wanted to remind clubs about the use of changing rooms, as it seems there is a little confusion. At present current ECB advice is that you cannot use them, unless as a safeguarding measure, it is set aside as a safe, private space for an individual to put on / remove protective gear (eg box, thigh pad).
I appreciate that's an inconvenience, however not so long ago we couldn't play any recreational cricket, so hopefully it's a small price to pay, to allow us to carry on playing (something they couldn't do in and around Luton this weekend !)
I've attached ECB FAQs (page 3 for this particular safeguarding use), however if anyone has any questions, please let me know.ECB Return to Cricket Plan in Step 4_July2020_FAQs 003.pdf